Services for enterprises of an industrial railway transportation

Eurosib provides for professional support for trouble-free operability of separate systems and infrastructure on the basis of long-term contract, operates and maintains railway tracks of non-public using:

  • Wagon delivery and removal;
  • Maneuvering operations not associated with wagon delivery and removal;
  • Completion of dual operations;
  • Optimization of servicing processes for railway tracks of non-public using.

Innovation technologies embodied by Eurosib and modern equipment provide considerable optimization of IRE operations.
Company owns 6 modern locomotives.
OOO Magistral locomotive company develops under Eurosib management from 2009 (Podporozhie, Leningrad Region), which specializes in services for wagon delivery/removal, also including layout  of wagons along loading/unloading railway front lines on tracks of public and non-public using of Podporozhie station.