Terminal & warehousing services

Eurosib offers services for handling and delivery of containers, refrigerating containers and general cargoes on the basis of proprietary terminal & warehousing facilitie in Novosibirsk, as well as terminals and warehousing facilities of a wide partners’ network:

  • receipt and dispatch of cargoes by railway;
  • servicing of container trains;
  • services of container depot (servicing and storage of stuffed and empty containers);
  • responsible storage of a wide range of consumer goods and industrial commodities);
  • re-packaging works;
  • leasing of warehouses and offices;
  • services of a shelter (post of Novosibirsk customs is located directly on the territory of Eurosib terminal)
  • additional warehousing services.

Rate is established as a fixed value per ton, m.cube, container, pallet or wagon, normally as a function of average monthly freight flow value.