Project logistics

Where the task for freight shipment is not possible for solution using standard techniques, in this case we are ready to produce a project for shipment of off-gage, long or heavy cargoes. Our assets and a wide network of time-tested partners provide combination of rolling stock and types of carriage – we shall arrange river, ocean, road and aviation carriages for you.
Our clients include major mechanical engineering factories and concerns; metallurgical and pipe-rolling plants, oil and gas, power engineering and chemical companies; foreign trade associations, engineering and logistics companies, etc.
Project preparation

  • pre-survey of transport infrastructure
  • development of the most favorable route, schemes of loading and securing on a transport facility
  • estimation of project costs
  • obtaining of shipment permits
  • reinforcement of infrastructure facilities required to implement the project (quays, bridges, overhead power lines, etc.)

Customs clearance

  • export and import processing, as well as registration of economic customs modes
  • special mode freight storage
  • preliminary declaring and prompt clearance
  • issue of FCS classification decision for equipment supplied with loose items
  • registration of equipment imported as a contribution in chartered capital


  • supply of required special transport and hoisting equipment for the project;
  • freight handling and securing operations
  • transport joining in transshipment points
  • relocation of off-gage cargoes with subsequent cargo tracking or relocation by locomotives
  • monitoring and technological support during entire route traffic

Key objects of carriage realized by Eurosib company:

  • large-diameter pipes for gas and oil pipelines pie-bending mills, crushers and rotors,
  • turbine generators, hydraulic and gas turbines, compressors, hoisting and conveyor equipment, boiler equipment,
  • combustion chambers, furnaces, gas receivers, transformers, smoke stacks, reactors for refineries,
  • cement mills, drilling rigs, wheel-mounted and specialized loading machinery,
  • paper-making machines, etc

Geography of carriages:

  • Regions of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic states;
  • China, Japan, Myanmar;
  • Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Germany
  • Canada, USA, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, etc.

Implemented mega projects:

  • Relocation of wood-processing and garbage-processing and mechanical engineering plants from Europe to Russia;
  • Integrated logistics for pipe products within “Northern Stream” project
  • Carriage of extra heavy crane MAMMOET to industrial projects of Russia