Ocean shipments

Eurosib offers integrated services of ocean shipments and intra-port forwarding globally. We cooperate both with linear container and conventional cargoes.
During ocean shipment, Eurosib offers:

  • Selection of ocean carrier with consideration of the most favorable quality parameters, delivery dates and rates for assigned shipment route
  • Cargo insurance on Client’s request
  • Arrangement of cargo shipment from warehouse to the port of dispatch
  • Intra-port forwarding
  • Control of cargo traffic
  • Information of the customer about cargo current location
  • Cargo dispatch from the port of destination to the Customer’s warehousing facilities

Package of intra-port forwarding services includes:

  • receipt and handover of documents to ocean shipping line
  • production and compilation of required document package to issue customs and terminal clearance
  • delivery of cargo to marine terminal and dispatch from the terminal
  • arrangement of freight handling operations

Selection of the most favorable ocean shipping route with consideration of entire freight shipping route, including inland transport periods (haulage, railway), as well as river stage (if any) and issue of customs clearance
consolidation of freight consignment on rear or marine terminal on Customer’s request
knowledge of basic ocean shipping line specific operations
time-tested experience of ocean non-container shipments, including shipments of off-gage and heavy cargoes according to the project