Containerized Shipments

Eurosib carries out international and domestic container transportation using all modes of transport. We develops different routes including multimodal, and provides our own fleet for import, export and transit transportation.

Own fleet of rolling stock allows us to quickly send the client empty cars and containers for loading, to comply with the stated delivery times, to set competitive rates. Our containers have different configuration and capacity. These are standard GP and DV, as well as High-Cube, Pallet Wide, refrigerated and tank containers.

The main nomenclature of goods: products of the pulp and paper industry and the timber industry, food, consumer goods, metals, hardware, chemistry.

Our services:

  • organization of transportation by all types of cargo transport under the most optimal conditions in terms of rates, conditions of use of the container and terminal services
  • door-to-door transportation
  • integrated multi-modal service
  • freight on line and tram vessels
  • customs clearance, survey services, sampling
  • in-port forwarding
  • weighing of containers, issuance of " Declaration of confirmation of gross weight of containers»
  • liability and cargo insurance
  • information support and control over the movement of the container

Container transportation in Russia

The company's domestic transportation is secured by a network of its own container trains. For short-distance delivery it is possible to organize road transportation.

The regular internal routes:

  • Moscow-Novosibirsk
  • Moscow-Krasnoyarsk
  • Novosibirsk-Vladivostok
  • Novosibirsk-Nakhodka
  • Novosibirsk-Tommot
  • Moscow-Irkutsk
  • Moscow-Khabarovsk

Export of containers

Eurosib develops container services for the shipment of pulp and paper products, grain, oil, chemicals, metals and hardware to China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Directions of export container transportation:

  • Novosibirsk-China
  • Krasnoyarsk-China
  • Novosibirsk – Vladivostok/ Nakhodka ports in South-East Asia
  • Tobolsk/Tomsk-port of St. Petersburg-ports of Germany and Belgium
  • ports of the Far East, the Baltic States and the Black sea - anywhere in the world

Import of containers

Most of the import routes pass through land border crossings. In case cargo shipped from ports in Europe, South-East Asia or Japan, sea shipping of containers combines with transportation by rail.

Areas of multimodal logistics:

  • Europe-Russia via the port of St. Petersburg
  • the Middle East - the port of Novorossiysk
  • Southeast Asia-far East ports-Novosibirsk / Moscow

Import via land border crossings:

  • Europe-Moscow
  • China-Novosibirsk
  • China-Moscow

Transit of containers

The company generates regular container block-trains linking China and Europe. One of them follows through the territory of Mongolia, the other-directly to Russia through the border crossing of Grodekovo (far East).

The service includes consolidation of goods from different locations, support of loading in China, payment of freight charges on the territories of neighboring countries, transit customs clearance, dispatching and control over the passage of goods along the route, as well as informing the client.

Full description of services, detailed information about routes and train load on