Accelerated delivery in container trains

Delivery of goods by container block-train provides one hundred percent safety of products, thanks to a fixed schedule, allows you to reduce transit time and effectively plan logistics processes.

Eurosib is the operator of a wide network of domestic and international services. The company has developed more than 10 regular routes for container block-train.

Now, the company operates 2500 fitting platforms, most of them are rolling stock of the new generation. The formation of trains and transshipment of goods is carried out at its own terminal in Novosibirsk and at the sites of partners throughout Russia.

Our services cover the key transport centers of the country. Container trains pass through Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tommot (Yakutia), Vladivostok, Nakhodka, connect Russia and Europe with the industrial centers of China and the largest commercial ports of Southeast Asia.

The full list of container services, their schedule and workload, you can track on the website

Eurosib is ready to develop logistics and take operational control of the container block-train, formed specifically for your company. The main condition for the creation of the service is the regularity of shipments and compliance with the minimum loading volume of the container block-train.

Our Advantages:

  • formation of services at the request of the client
  • own logistics center in Novosibirsk
  • modern fleet of wagons and containers
  • interaction with public authorities, industry structures and associations
  • long-term experience in the organization of railway container transportation