CJSC “Eurosib SPb – Transport Systems” launches new containerized train from China to Moscow through Naushki border station


In the middle of October CJSC “Eurosib SPb – Transport Systems” in cooperation with the leading Chinese railway operator will launch a regular containerized service from Tianjin Municipality (China) to Moscow through Mongolia. Train is going to be departured on a weekly basis and will go by the route Tianjin – Erlian – Naushki – Moscow. Delivery time will take 10 days.

Tianjin is the biggest Chinese port. Light and heavy industry enterprises are located in the region, production of which is transported to Russia. The service will be useful also for the enterprises located in neighboring regions.

Cargos delivery by so-called “middle coridor” (China – Mongolia – Russia), that is located closely to Tianjin Municipality, is going to reduce transit time by the train passing through less loaded border stations Erlain (China – Mongolia) and Naushki (Mongolia – Russian Federation).

The project will become the first measure to realize the “Program of establishing China – Mongolia – Russia corridor”, that will provide development and expansion of three-sides cooperation between the countries.