Intermodal Wholesale & Retail

Logistics servicing of food and non-food trade networks, distributors, as well as forwarding companies, which are specialized in this segment
Tasks for completion:
Accelerated delivery of commodities for networks in Russia regions: door-to-door, just-in-time, based on service agreement to guarantee transparent conditions of carriage rate formulation and guaranteed terms of rate validity.
Arrangement of logistics for commodities from distribution centers of network retailers to regional sales points.
Advantages for our clients

  •  fixed delivery dates of delivery. Forecasted duration of en-route time
  • assigned schedule line. Scheduled traffic for container trains
  •  100% preservation of transported cargoes
  • safe and timely delivery of your cargo based on fixed price
  •  opportunity to develop and provide operational control of container train, which is established specifically to provide regular deliveries of cargo volumes for our clients, sufficient to meet conditions of container train minimum loading
  • Integrated approach to servicing.


  • proprietary network of container services linking Moscow, St.Petersburg and major centers in Siberia and Far East , which allows deliveries from major cities of Russia to the most remote points of the country within mutually agreed dates
  • distribution across Russia using different types of transport.
  • major and additional warehousing operations
  • control of delivery chains. Information of the client about current cargo status;
  • assistance for customs clearance and receipt of shipping document package and all types of certificates;