Engineering & Construction

Company develops and arranges a package of transport logistics services for construction follow-up and renovation of industrial facilities and transport infrastructure:

  • objects of oil and gas pipeline systems
  • newly-built and upgraded production shops and factories
  • industrial parks
  • supplies for shift camps and construction sites for facilities of Siberia and Far East integrated development

Tasks for completion:
Development of the most reasonable logistics schemes for carriage of required equipment, building materials and accessories (Russia, CIS countries, countries from the Middle East and SEA).
Logistics of off-gage heavy and long cargoes.
Advantages for our clients:

  • steady and reliable functioning of production and building industries, repair depots and service companies;
  • transport management, reduction of downtime for wagons and transport vehicles during loading/unloading, removal of overpayments for immediate delivery;
  • control of transshipment, carriage and storage technology quality;
  • simplification of document flow;
  • prompt fault-finding and troubleshooting;
  • shaping of warehouse stocks in key regions, shaping of delivery consignments, dispatch on Client request, or according to plan of deliveries;
  • control of warehouse balance and en-route commodities, information support for the client.


  • buffer storage facilities in seaports (for import/export purposes);
  • identification of station capacities to accept cargoes;
  • development of freight loading and securing schemes on rolling stock;
  • equipment loading and securing, installation and dismantling of detachable items;
  • development and production of special gears for handling operations
  • сfreight surveyor’s inspection;
  • solutions for delivery of spares, additional assemblies and units in the process of performance and upgrading.