Gondola cars

Gondola car — railway freight open without a roof car with high sides, designed for the transport of bulk cargo (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), containers, other goods that do not require protection from precipitation.

Gondola car’s body generally has no roof (there are models with a removable roof), which provides ease of loading and unloading cargo. Gondola car may have unloading hatches in the floor and drop-down end walls or a solid body.

Gondola cars are:

Hatches — with unloading hatches in the floor and front doors opening inside the car (or without doors).

Solid-bottom — with a body without a hatch and doors (solid body), which are used to transport bulk cargo on closed routes with unloading on the car-tippers. Also popular is the use of this type of gondola cars in container transportation by rail.