Company History

1992 – year of Company foundation
SP CJSC Eurosib SPb is founded.

“Eurosib” technology of railway carriages is developed and introduced on one of Oktyabrskaya Railway section.
The first lot of our own rolling stock is procured – 500 wagons – apatite carriers.

Eurosib becomes an official operator for freight carriages of MPS Russia (Ministry of Communications).

The first restructuring of SP CJSC Eurosib is completed. As a result, managing company, i.e. CJSC Eurosib and CJSC Eurosib SPb – Transport Systems railway operator was established.

CJSC Eurosib-Logistics is established for development of integrated logistical services.

Start of construction for Eurosib-Terminal-Shushary and Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk logistics terminals.
Rolling stock fleet in Eurosib possession is 5.5 thousand wagons.

Rolling stock fleet in Eurosib possession and management increased to 6.8 thousand wagons.
Total number of containers in Eurosib management exceeded 10 thousand TEU.

Eurosib-Terminal-Shushary and Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk logistics terminals had been commissioned.

Deal for acquisition of 100% stock of “Magistral” locomotive company was closed (Podporozhje, Leningrad Region).
Project for commissioning container train from Inya-Vostochnaya station of Western Siberian Railway to Nakhodka servicing Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk is implemented.

Rolling stock fleet in Eurosib possession and management made up 10 thousand wagons and 7 locomotives.
Project for regular weekly container servicing Moscow – Novosibirsk is implemented.
Project for development of Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk terminal infrastructure is completed.

Novosibirsk Locomotive Company is established.
Rolling stock fleet in Eurosib possession made up 11.8 thousand wagons.
Joint projects of container services “Novosibirsk – Far East” and “Far East – Novosibirsk” in cooperation with OOO VSK are realized.

On April 16, Company marked 20-year jubilee.
Long-term program to increase and renewal of wagon fleet had been developed.
Start of works for expansion of terminal structure and strengthening of “Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk infrastructure.
New container service for freight delivery from Novosibirsk to Yakutiya is introduced within the framework for development of accelerated container train network.

Rolling stock fleet in Eurosib possession and management made up 13.4 thousand wagons and 6 locomotives.
Implementation of long-term program for wagon fleet expansion continues.
Eurosib-Terminal-Novosibirsk continues project for renewal of railway infrastructure and increase of throughput capacity.
New accelerated container train “Novosibirsk – Khabarovsk” is commissioned.

Eurosib marked 20-year anniversary of operations on the market of railway freight carriages for enterprises of timber industry complex, pulp & paper industry.
Company joined Organization for Cooperation of Railways(OCR) and NP “Council of Railway Operators”.
New accelerated container train “Novosibirsk – Vladivostok”  is commissioned.