Multi-modal logistics

Eurosib provides multi-modal carriages of general, container, packaged and project cargoes throughout the world.

  • carriage via inland boundary crossing (Ukraine, Belarus, China, Finland, Baltic states) and seaports in the Far East, Black & Azov and Baltic basins;
  • different types of transport: motor vehicles, railway, marine (ferries including) and aviation transport;
  • delivery of rolling stock to required station of loading
  • payment of railway tariff from personal accounts of Eurosib
  • planned joining of transport in points of transshipment;
  • wide network of warehouses and container terminals in Europe, Russia and CIS countries;
  • services of customs broker or customs carrier;
  • services of insurance and surveyor control;
  • prompt issue of required documents;
  • network of company offices.

Eurosib has time-tested experience for arrangement of carriages of different cargoes using several multi-modal schemes:

  • Export & import carriages via Russian border
  • Transit carriages via territory of Russia and CIS countries
  • Carriages beyond the boundaries of Russia and CIS countries
  • Carriages to regions distant from the sea

From APR (Asian & Pacific Region), first of all, from China and South Korea, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, from areas distant from the sea also:

  • Freight carriages to Europe, Russia and CIS countries by sea via seaports of APR seaports to seaports of Baltic and Black seas and farther up to points of destination
  • Freight carriages to Russia and CIS countries by railway from Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, etc via Dostyk (Kazakhstan) or Zabaikalsk (Russia)
  • Freight carriages to Russia and CIS countries by sea via seaports of APR to Vladivostok and Vostochny and farther by railway

By railways of Middle Asia and Caucasus regions (Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan):

  • Multi-modal carriages via seaports of Caspian Sea among Russia, CIS countries and Iran
  • Multi-modal carriages to Middle East countries via seaports in Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea, as well as to Turkey via Back Sea ports of Russia and Ukraine
  • Transit multi-modal carriages via Iran

Eurosib is a company with developed regional office network
Apart from Russian offices, we have representative offices in Europe (Prague, Czech Republic), Kazakhstan and Ukraine, which allows us to arrange freight carriages by different types of transport, to pay railway tariffs on the territory of foreign countries, to shape customer-oriented chains of delivery, consultations, etc.) and other services..
Our partners and contractors are represented by national railway carriers, intermodal operators, owners and operators of logistics terminals in the most important points (distribution centers at boundary crossings and/or in direct vicinity of such crossings).
Advantages of cooperation with Eurosib

  • selection of the most advantageous route and type of transport with consideration of all freight carriage stages
  • through rate for entire carriage
  • global carriages based on FIATA bill of lading
  • knowledge of specific operations with local contractors
  • consolidation of freight consignments at terminals on client requests
  • on-line information about cargo location and health status
  • time-tested experience in the sphere of global multi-modal carriages

Cooperating with us, You may be absolutely sure that cargo will be delivered in due time and cargo integrity will be provided.