FMCG & Food

Logistics servicing of production segment, distribution of food products and consumer goods

  • cloths, footwear, accessories
  • toys
  • cosmetics and perfume
  • medicines
  • products of agricultural processing – sugar, flour, cereals, oils, oil cakes, seeds, seed cakes, etc
  • food products, also including food products requiring temperature modes during storage and carriage

Tasks for completion:
Development of the most reasonable route for delivery of imported and exported cargoes of any complexity.
Arrangement of railway carriages in box cars using services for accelerated delivery in container trains.
Delivery of industrial products and products of distributors to commodity retail networks in Russia and CIS countries.
Logistics for enterprises within production groups.
Advantages for our clients:

  • prompt and quality production of carriage scheme;
  • guaranteed dispatch of planned freight volumes according to schedule;
  • network of regional and international offices;
  • reduction of transport charges and saving of client time;
  • offering of customer-oriented transport solutions;
  • integrated approach to servicing.


  • development of logistical scheme of delivery from the manufacturer warehouse to the end customer using all types of transport;
  • covered rolling stock for carriage of cargoes requiring precipitation protection;
  • proprietary network of container services linking Moscow, St.Petersburg and major centers in Siberia and Far East;
  • control of delivery chains. Information of the client about current cargo status;
  • assistance for customs clearance and receipt of shipping document package and all types of certificates;
  • basic and additional warehousing operations.